Frickl is a self-hosted image library

Take ownership of all your photos taken over many years and display them proudly through a sleek web interface. Share them with friends and family.

Frickl is...

Completely free to use with no hidden costs! Host and manage your entire photo collection without having to upload them to someone else's server.

A great way for you to explore, browse and present your photo collection. Either just for yourself or to share with family and friends.

Your chance to properly categorize your photo collection by assigning tags to images. These will make it easier and faster to find the images you're looking for.


Frickl offers a variety of features to allow you to lean back and enjoy your photos.

Image stream

To quickly see your latest snaps, use the image stream. All images, irrespective of album, are shown based on their date in descending order.

Image details

The image details page shows the selected image in higher resolution and displays information about the camera, geographic location and image tags.


The albums correspond to your folder structure in your image collection. In this example, albums/folders have been created based on the date they were taken on. Frickl will display them in that exact structure without you having to do anything.


Images can be marked as favourites and will be shown on a dedicated page so that they are easily accessible.


Any number of tags can be assigned to individual images or all images within a folder. There is no automatic image tagging based on machine learning, but it's still an incredibly useful mechanism. Image tags are also stored within the images themselves, so they can be used outside of Frickl.


The map shows geotagged images around the globe to highlight all the places you've been to.


Want to know when you tend to take the most photos? The calendar shows you a heatmapped calendar view based on the number of images taken each day. Clicking on a day shows all photos from this day.


There's also a wee page with some statistics across all your photos. This page is going to be expanded on in the near future.

Password protection

Frickl can be password protected so that only people with the user credentials can see all images. Everyone else only gets to see what you specifically marked as public.

Want to start using Frickl?

Visit the GitHub repository.